Three Days To Go. It's Football Fever!!

Six years ago Sepp Blatter stood in front of the world with an envelope containing the name of the country that would host the 2010 World Cup: South Africa. Those six years have passed. They were met with much controversy, debate and many problems, however; with just three days to go until the World Cup the once divided nation has united in an inspirational way.

The stadiums have been built- with Cape Town now having one of the most spectacular stadiums in the world- road networks and transport systems have been improved and updated throughout the country, and finally more businesses and job opportunities have been created. Everyone joined forces and worked together to help bring Africa’s biggest event to the continent.

With final preparations reaching their completed point South Africans can’t stop talking about the up and coming event. Flags have been hung up outside houses, shops and buildings while the cars have been decorated in their preferred country’s colours. An all round football vibe has hit the rugby dominant nation and one for one month all that will be spoken about is the football.

Fan parks have been set up all over the country where African singers will be performing live before, between and after the matches; while there will be plenty of other things to do in between the matches at the parks.

It is an exciting time that is approaching and in just three days South Africa will kick-off in Johannesburg against Mexico in what will be the 19th FIFA World Cup. Football fever has bitten a majority of South Africans: it’s bound to be a festival of football magic.


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