The Memory Of A Lifetime

What a stadium, what a vibe, what a game! Last night was one of the most amazing experiences ever. To be a part of the World Cup, to sit in one of the most advanced architectural stadiums, and cheer on the team that I have spent my whole life supporting was a moment I will never forget.

A 66 000 capacity stadium, Green Point was full to the brim with supporters from all over the World. Fans from all sets of different teams gathered together to join in on the football celebrations. Everyone was happy and talking to each other. It was as if a small part of the World had united.

Despite Italy's result to be able to see the players play was just an experience in itself. To see World Cup winners like De Rossi, Cannavaro and Buffon play only 100 metres away from me was mind-blowing.

The Azzurri dominated in every aspect of the game, but struggled to capitalise in the freezing, rainy conditions. Players from Friday's Uruguay- France match were already slipping on a dry pitch, and last night the field proved even more of a challenge for the players.

Simone Pepe, was the most impressive Italian player. He was often seen sprinting down the flank, working his hardest to find a goal for the Azzurri. There is no question as to why Lippi chose the Udinese player.

Pepe has really grown into a fine player and only great things are expected of him. Juventus have certainly caught themselves quite a catch.

Daniele De Rossi also proved vital. Making endless, well challenged tackles, winning and distributing the ball to all players and finally scoring the equaliser. This World Cup is undoubtedly De Rossi's for the taking!

The team seemed to lack something with the absence of Andrea Pirlo but it was the first game, and the conditions were far different to what it has been in all the other games. The Azzurri can only improve from here as they clearly showed signs of determination. FORZA Azzurri!!


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