Billy Watch: Two consecutive defeats

It has been a tough two weeks for Billy as his Montova side have lost two consecutive games against Ancona and Brescia.

The defeat to Ancona was lo piccolo Brasile's first loss under Costacurta and that no doubt took a blow to their confidence as they struggled to beat Caracciolo and company in a 2-0 defeat in a local derby.

The defeat sees Brescia move up to fourth where they are back in a play-off position. Leaving Mantova desperate to catch up to the much desired play-off spot, and they will be looking at next weeks game against Treviso to return to winning ways.

Absenteeism of several key players, due to injury, has seen Costacurta's men struggle but he maintains that their poor form is due to errors that he needs to iron out with his squad. The errors are all part of start off a career as a new coach and it will only help Costacurta and the team to learn more on how to fix the problems.

In the words of Billy; "the glass is half full" and they will soon begin to fill it when the errors are gone and the injured players return. It is a team that hosts a experienced quality players and Mantova can no doubt make it to the play-offs.


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