Billy Watch

Due to exams and Internet failure time has been few and far between to cover the world of Milan and Italian football as much as it would have been liked. Guilt has some what crept in as Milan's much loved silent hero, Billy Costacurta left the training grounds at Milanello to head to Montova to take over as head coach there.

Due to that element of guilt it has been decided that a new feature will be added on to Milan's Curva Sud to follow the Varese-born hero's progress with the Lombardian outfit in Serie B; called Billy Watch.

Billy Watch will bring all the news on Costacurta's lo piccolo Brasile; his wins, losses and any other headlines that grab the news. Montova were nominated as candidates to win promotion this season and it will be an interesting sight to see if Billy will be able to achieve that in his first year as a coach.

After taking over the reigns from Guiseppe Brucato it was a slow start to his coaching campaign but he slowly picked up the pace winning three consecutive games against tough opposition. Yesterday lo piccolo brasile (little Brazil) managed a 2-1 win over Pisa despite being down to 9-men.

Costacurta has definitely shown his worth and fans are starting to take him in under their wing giving him the respect he deserves. Well done Billy!!


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