Roman gladiators fall...

Roma have forever been a team where neutrals of Italian football have appreciated their style of play. Undoubtedly the team with the most beautiful moves in Italy, they have become a sort of heart breaking sad tale at late; resulting in them having their worst Serie A start in three decades.

As a lover of Italian football and who appreciates good football when seen, despite the fact that they could oust Milan, it is as painful to see Roma self-destruct- in the way that they have- as it is as seeing Milan fall apart.

It is unknown as to why the giallorossi have struggled the way they have this season as they still have an amazing set of players there for them. Even with Totti's absence the team has proven before that they can win but they seem to lack flair.

Last season's attacking trident has seen its self loose way somehow, with Totti's knee injury continuously flaring up again, Mancini having left for Inter and little Taddei has been left to create with Vucinic and Baptista. The trio threatened every defence last season as Mancini and Totti provided their own poetic license style of play with Taddei saddled closely beside them.
However, the attack is not the only problem at hand.

Roma's midfield is not providing the support they used to w
hile injury to Aquilani have inhibited their creative ability relying a lot on an over-worked De Rossi.

The defence has also lost its way as they have had to deal with injuries, suspensions and low confidence. Mexes seems to be in another world when on the field and it is uncertain as to why he has suffered this huge blow. Perhaps he has not yet recovered from his daughter's kidnapping. While Riise is still settling in to the Italian why of life.

Whatever the reasons it is a sad story for Spalletti and his men and we can only hope that things will turn around for them soon.


patcook said…
For me, Roma have failed because their system is based on attack and Totti and both have failed.

The defence is getting a ribbing but the system only allows the defence to do well if the attack is performing properly.

Roma have failed to reinforce properly up front.

I think the other problem is that theyve been so close for so long without actually winning a major trophy ( i dont really count the coppa) and its hard to keep your motivation up when your not getting the success you should have.

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