Farina's error isn't solely to blame for Milan's poor result.

Controversy has once again struck the face of Milan as a non-existent penalty was awarded against the rossoneri after Kaladze had hand balled the ball in the box during last night's game against Torino. Yes there was contact but far from intentional it was.

The ball had been crossed in the area were it flew over Paolo Maldini and hit Kaladze on the hand. Farina awarded an instant penalty to Torino as the Milan players went berserk following the tension of the game as they knew they were about the throw away another three points.

Their was no intention from Kaladze with the hand ball but rather an unlucky deflection that resulted in Rosina putting his team level on the score sheet. At the beginning of the season referees, club officials, and coaches held a conference about the new rules and regulations with regards to refereeing decisions.

The refs were to clamp down on simulation and clear rules on the ever controversial penalty decisions were stipulated in the conference. One rule did however, state that if a ball is deflected off a player's part of the body before it reaching the hand it would not result in a penalty. Clear enough? Not really for Farina. Usually on song with refereeing decisions Farina made a vital error last night that cost the rossoneri the game; however, he cannot be solely put at fault for Milan's draw.

The team and the coach are once again to blame as their lacklustre performances has seen them barely put the game to bed. Lack of goals, lack of creativity, bad defending and poor coaching tactics has seen Milan fall from the top of the table to three points behind Inter.
There has been far from any stability upfront or in the midfield as Gattuso can only run so much and Pirlo only made his first appearance in months last night. While Flamini remains unused in times of need.

Ancelotti needs to get the team back into full swing because if Milan are serious about winning the Scudetto they must move past the poor refereeing choices and get on with playing the game they know best. No one wants to see a team win the scudetto the way Milan, Roma and Inter have been playing in recent weeks.

It's time to shift the attention on winning rather than the past and the 'what ifs'...


ginkers said…
Hope you give Portsmouth a good whipping tonight...

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