Esposito extends Milan's Tabu'...

All was needed for the rossoneri was a win to gain three points in order to send them back on top of the log which saw them sit two points behind rivals Inter. However the diavoli made it true to the saying that it is much easier said then done.

Carlo Ancelotti's boys were taking on Mario Beretta's Lecce side at the Via del Mare stadium in what should have been a relatively easy walk over for the rossoneri. Lecce where close to the bottom while Milan where top of the log.

However, despite Lecce's unimpressive points tally they still remain unbeaten at home and an even better statistic for them was Milan haven't succeeded at the Stadio Via del Mare in seven years; and Lecce were about to prove a point.

Despite being a self-profess Milanista Beretta structured his team in a way he knew would break down the attack of Borriello, Kaka and Ronaldinho. His positional class in defence held on tight as they were constantly under threat by Kaka, Borriello but it wasn't to be for duo.

Borriello put every effort into his game but was clearly unlucky to not score while Kaka missed several chances. Nevertheless, Carletto put on the rising star Pato and he made an immediate impact with his first touch of the game.

After attaching to a Gattuso cross, the midfielder in the best form of his life, the young Brazilian ran up the right flank to cross the ball in the box. Only for Ronaldinho to volley it into the back of the net; the former world player of the year netting his first away goal and once again an extremely vital goal for the championship.

The pure elation on the faces of the Via Turati outfit was inevitable but lack of concentration and failure to take their chances cost them the extra two vital points. In the last minute a careless free-kick was given away and Esposito rose to the occasion to bring both teams level and sending the whole city into pandemonium.

The draw puts pressure on the rossoneri to find a way to regain the points difference leaving each game more important than the next.


ginkers said…
The result highlights the flaws that remain in the team. However, if there is any consolation it has to be that nobody in Serie A is looking much better...

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