All I want for Christmas is you-th....

Seen as it is Christmas, I guess it is only right that we can make a list of what we want this Christmas or rather a wish list of who we would like to see at Milan. Here is my wish list:

1.) I would like to see more youth, I am tired of seeing the "Nonni" (grandfather's) of football arriving at Milan. We bought Emerson in the summer and only Galliani knows why we bought him. We have a perfectly able youngster in the shape of the 21-year-old Frenchman, Gourcuff, who is perfectly able to play. He is highly versatile and can fill into almost any slot in the midfield. I would rather see the young play than a player that has forgotten how to play football. Carlo, give him a chance!!

2.) Keeping on the subject of youth, I would like to see a young defender coming in that can learn under the likes of Nesta and Maldini. What is the point of bringing them in once they have left? As the defence gets older, they are more prone to injuries and a young determined lad can come in and fill in easily while they recover. The best way to gain experience is from learning the people who have experienced it all. With Cafu, Serginho, Maldini, Favalli and Simic all expected to leave by the end of the season Milan will do good to bring in someone now before it's too late.

3.) Milan cannot continue to deny this anymore, we have a goalkeeping problem. Dida is by no means the worst player but he is by far the player he used to be; his lack of self confidence has cost Milan in vital games. We need to bring in someone soon, someone like Boruc who can do the job in between the sticks when it is required; the only problem is buying a keeper now is difficult as most of the good ones are Champions League tied.

4.) Ronaldo, I said it before and I will say it again Ronaldo was not a good buy. His whole career he has been plagued with injuries. Does Galliani honestly think that the aging Brazilian's injuries will honestly lighten up?!? Contrast to what people might think he didn't turn Milan's season around last season, Milan returned to winning ways before his arrival. He added more firepower and confidence up-front, no doubt, but if he really saved the season how did Milan win the Champions League without El Fenomeno? Something must be done he has suffered enough.

5.) A Proper creative forward, someone with experience. Now I might be drifting off the youth topic a little but someone like Pato cannot carry the burden of a team like Milan on his shoulders. he is too young and inexperienced. Someone perhaps a little older that creates and is not an instinctive scorer will help Pato develop even more and spring life into Gilardino and Inzaghi.

6.) My last wish is to beat Arsenal and win the next derby.

What are your wishes for Milan? May they all come true! Merry Christmas!


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