Serie B round up: 'Leffe and Bologna lead the way

It has been a long time since I have done this. Apologies that it has taken a while.

New comers Pisa, slipped up again as they failed to beat Avellino at home in a goalless draw at the Arena Garibaldi. While there were two other games that ended in draws, with Bari being held 1-1 at the San Nicola by Ascoli . The same score line saw Grossetto draw level with Treviso after they took the lead.

Bologna kept their dream of promotion well alive with a 1-0 win in Vicenza but in the end they were not to lead the table alone with a stubborn 'Leffe winning 2-0 in front of their beloved fans against Piacenza.

Pellisier stole the only goal of the game in a 1-0 triumph over Spezia. The flying donkeys seem to have returned to old ways as they are in third place, and they are rightfully dreaming of a possible promotion next season.

Ravenna couldn't muster a win for their new coach, Franco Varella, as they narrowly lost to a tough Messina side 2-1.

Next week, Pisa will face a tough challenge away from home as they meet Rimini, while Treviso and Bari will battle it out at the bottom of the table. And Albinoleffe and Bologna will look to extend their leads with wins against Lecce and Grossetto respectively.

Next weeks games:
Ascoli - Brescia
Avellino - Cesena
Bologna - Grosseto
Chievo - Mantova
Frosinone - Vicenza
Lecce - Albinoleffe
Piacenza - Triestina
Ravenna - Modena
Rimini - Pisa

Spezia - Messina
Treviso - Bari


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