Milan destroy Boca to become World Champions!!

Milan became the World Champions for the 4th time in their career after they destroyed Boca Juniors 4-2 in the final of this year's Club World Cup.

The European Champions have rapped up a fantastic year, where they have won 3 trophies and have become the most successful club in the world with 18 international trophies.

The rossoneri took the lead with a Pippo Inzaghi goal but Boca were quick to react as Palacio took advantage of Milan's sleeping defence and went onto to score the equaliser 2 minutes later.

Both teams went into the break with the same score line but it was Milan that once again broke free. Sandro Nesta latched onto an Adrea Pirlo free-kick to place it into the back of the net with a great right footed drive.

Milan went onto push further and found the break through with a fantastic effort by Kaka. The Brazilian finding his magic that saw him lead Milan to the final of the Champions league.

But it was Pippo Inzaghi that came back to haunt yet another team's defence as he grabbed his second goal of the evening and almost certainly putting the game out of Boca's reach.

Kakha Kaladze never got to play in Milan's loss to Boca in 2003 and he didn't get to finish this game either as he got sent off after committing a dangerous foul- all of sudden things were looking up for Boca as they had pulled one back with Ledesma and they had a one man advantage.

However, it wasn't the Argentinian's day as Ledsma got sent off in the 90th minute and Milan went on to triumph and deservedly so.

This trophy was the rossoneri's main objective for the season and they have reached their dreams as well as claimed revenge twice in a one year. It has really been a season of highs and lows for Carlo Ancelotti's men but the passion of the team has always lifted them above their dark moments.



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