Do Milan need 'Dinho?

As we all know Milan have courted with the idea of buying Ronaldinho for a few months now and as time goes by each rumour gets stronger and stronger of a possible transfer for the Brazilian to the San Siro.

Silvio Berlusconi has often expressed his desire to land the former World Player of the Year just as often as Real Madrid have made advances on Kaka. It is no state secret that the European Champions have contacted Barcelona in the past and been turned down but this time the deal could just go through.

At late R10 has been banging heads with his coach Frank Rijkaard seeing him being dropped for games and not playing the full 90 minutes. This seems to be pushing 'Dinho further to Milan and his relationship with the diavoli has been described as an "engagement".

But the question is do Milan REALLY need 'Dinho?

He is not the player he used to be a few years ago, his form has dropped and what is to say that it will improve if he gets to Milan?

Milan have Kaka- the best player in the World at the moment- and he looks destined to stay as Real Madrid have stated that they are no longer interested in the winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year anymore.

'Dinho has always had a problem with partying and missing training sessions, will he be able to cope with Milan's strict regime? If he misses training, tension could build off the field between the players.

To be frank I don't think Milan need him, it's just an excuse to sign another Brazilian that is 30 already. Milan need youth and Berlusconi needs to start spending like he used to do in the past. A new team needs to be created for Milan otherwise they will be getting no where in the future.


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