Bye Bye Carlo!!

It's half time in the Milan- Atalanta game and Milan are once again loosing. They are currently 2-0 down to Atalanta in the san Siro.

After dominating the opening stages of the game, Milan once again fell behind to a lack of concerntration at the back. Ferrara Pinto crossed the ball from the right where it found Sergio Floccarri who had his first chance saved by Kalac but he capatalised on the rebound to put the nerazzurri infront. 10 minutes later Floccarri was once again in the think of the action as he released the ball into the box for Langella to put it past Kalac for the second time.

This is the second time in a row Milan have gone into the break 2-0 down at the San Siro, the last was Mlan's 2-1 loss to Atalanta. Quite frankly Milan's home form has been pathetic all season and their performances have been just as pathetic.

If Milan somehow don't find a way back during the second half then they can kiss goodbye to not only 4th place but 5th place too because as the scores stand now Milan are tied 6th with Sampdoria.

As a Milan fan I can't take this anymore and I am honestly calling for Ancelotti to leave. This is unacceptable now!


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