Paolo Maldini- The European Champion, World Champion and true Legend

There are so many emotions going through me right now I can't even think straight but one thing that has stuck in my mind since Milan were knocked out of the Champions League last was that Milanisti and Football fans around the world will never see Paolo Maldini play in the Champions League ever again.

When someone is asked to describe Maldini the first things that comes to people's minds are words like "legend", "a leader", "one club man", "loyal', "the perfect gentlemen". He is exactly that and more. Every football fan around the world knows the name Maldini and almost everyone if not everyone has respect for him.

Never one to claim the lime-light, he is one that prefers to stay in the comfort of his own home with his beloved family. If he is not at home he will be at Milanello training and teaching a few of his teammates a thing or too.

The perfect professional in all aspects, it is no wonder to us why he has been captain for Milan and for the Italian national team. It is no wonder why he has set the record for the most Serie A appearances and the most appearances for the Azzurri. At the age of 16 he was already a leader on the field.

Maldini is one of the most decorated players in the history of football having won everything one can in club football, need I remind you it was all with one club, however it was only with the national team that has seen him short of trophies.

Last night we bid goodbye to Milan and above all Maldini on the European stage as he will be retiring at the end of this season. He will surely be missed after being a predominant figure for 23 years in Europe, having made 107 appearances for the rossoneri.

We will miss his prefectly timed tackles, his runs up the flanks, his leadership on and off the field... hell! We will miss it all even his perfectly good looks with those sharp blue eyes.

When Maldini finally hungs up his boots at the end of the season it will not only be a loss to Milanisti or to calcio but to the whole world of football. A player has never quite had the fan base and respect as he has gained over the past 23 years and he deserves endless amounts of tributes. Though not even that can make up for all he has given Milan and the fans!

Addio Paolino!


Anna Italia said…
There is no other word that could describe our beloved Captain Paolo Maldini than "a Living Legend."

I feel so proud of Maldini and his extraordinary career. Maldini guys, is not only the best symbol of MILAN, but also of Italian football.

Who Else Can Be a HISTORY MAN with 1,000 Performances than the Great Milan Captain Paolo Maldini?
Milanista said…
So right Anna he is the best symbol for Italian Football and he will be remembered by all! I just can't say goodbye to him!

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