Who is to replace Carlo Ancelotti?

Now I know I am not the only Milan that agrees with me about Milan giving Carlo Ancelotti the sack. Yes, the man has done wonders in the past but now it is about time to have a new person on the bench.

Someone who will implement new tactics- and not stick to the same old formation that everyone knows- that actually works. We need new young players and a squad that is big enough to make sure fatigue and injuries are kept to a minimum.
Milan need to find that winning streak again and the only way they can do that is with change. A new coach will need to be ready to step in and create that winning team again, the one with passion, determination, never-give-up attitude and a classic vintage style of play. This is what Milan needs!

Here are some coaches that could be available:
Frank Rijkaard- The Milan legend hasn't quite been the one to admire for Barcelona in the past to years. His rifts with Ronaldinho and other players has seen his team's performances drop and points that they could have easily won lost.
Milan are always on about the "Milan Family" so maybe it's time to welcome back and old memeber of the 1990's squad.

Jose Mourinho- I can't believe I am writing his name but the Portuguese certainly knows how to win and this is the exact thing the rossoneri need right now. His is having supposed talks with Inter at the moment but how sweet would it be to snatch up the "special one" right form under Inter's nose.

Marcello Lippi- Nearly every team in the World would kill to have such a clasic tactitian. After winning endless domestic titles and the World Cup the Viareggio-based tactitian has certainly been approached by many teams but coullld his chioce be Milan? It is no secret that the fans want him but after having coached Inter and Juventus will Milan be willing to make a strong offer?
Rafael Benitez- Three year ago no rossoneri fan would have ever thought they would see their team's name linked with this spaniard. After defeating them in the Champions League final in 2005 many supporters were left with a bitter taste in their mouth and didn't want to hear the wors Liverpool or Benitez ever again; however, the struggling Liverpool coach culd just be what the Milan players need. a coach with endless experience, tactical awareness, and a rotation policy (though a bit too elaborate for Milan) some could say he is the one...
Their are also the likes of Cesare Prandelli and Luciano Spalletti that would do well on the Milan bench, in fact many fans are wanting them to come, but if Milan fail to get into the Champions League neither of these coaches will be prepared to leave their respective teams for a team like Milan!


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