Enough is Enough NOW!!!

Right I can't take this any more. As I write this heated article, I am sitting infront of my TV watching Genoa-Inter (unfortuntely) on Rai. Rai is the only channel were I am able to watch the Serie A games, and once a goal is scored they show the replays of the goals soon after it's just happened.

Now you can imagine to my disgust, Inter grabbed the lead with a goal by the fast and the furious Suazo, who tore the Genoan's defence apart in the early stages of this half. Whilst watching the game I had the commentry of Milan's game playing in the backround... and too no suprise I hear that Kaka was substituted in the 10th minute.

Now this is something that has clearly been annoying me. Carlo knows that Kaka is injured, he barely made the list of players called-up and he still decides to start the poor guy- who clearly has been in a high amount of pain in recent weeks.

Everyone knows you don't play someone who is suffering from back pain!! WHY Carlo did you risk Kaka?!?!?!? Now he will probably be out for longer, thanks to Carlo's stupid brain or lack there of...

I know this all might seem very hard, but I have had enough of Ancelotti's pathetic antics and stupid tactics. It hasonly been him that has cost Milan the games!

As the anger started to build up, it hit boiling point as to my horror Sampdoria scored a goal- two minutes after Kaka's substitution- with a goal by Christian Maggio.

If their was a place beyond boiling point I would so be there right now, as Milan have just conceded their second goal, Delveccio the goal scorer this time. This is the team we beat 5-0 a few months back, I repeat 5-0 people. It remains today the only game where Sampdoria have lost at home this season!!

The only comfort I am taking from this horrible night is Napoli are currently 2-0 up against Fiorentina, so that still leaves Milan with some hope. HOWEVER, if Milan don't find a way back in the second half, Sampdoria will be ONE point behind Milan!!

Have you ever?!?!?!

Right now, I am calling for Carlo to be sacked!!

Milan have just scored, with their saving grace ALBERTO PALOSCHI! The young one came into as a substitution for Kaka and has proved vital. Now one more goals boy!!!

Also, the first half of the Derby Della Capitale has ended 1-1. I am really thinking Genoa are able of pulling one back now that Inter are down to 10 men.
He may have flopped at Milan but this guy has always had talent and what a way to prove it by scoring against Inter and bringing Genoa level, Marco Borriello the hero of Genoa. FORZA GENOA!!


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