Lets take a look at the Positives and Negatives

Following another disappointing Milan loss, this time to Sampdoria, I take a look at the positives and negatives from round 29's games.

1.) Inter drew 1-1 to Genoa, which leaves Roma in a comfortable position to close the gap on the leaders. They are however, playing at this point in time and are drawing 2-2 to Lazio, a win is vital which will see them close the gap to four points difference with 8 games to play. The scudetto will certainly go down to the wire.

2.) Napoli have found themselves some new fans and the are in the shape of the Milanisti. After inflicting Inter with their first defeat of the season, they also beat Fiorentina 2-0 with two goals by Lavezzi. Fiorentina's loss allows Milan to maintain the four points gap for fourth place, after the rossoneri lost to Sampdoria

3.) Milan's loss might just finally be the final push for Berlusconi and co to realise that Milan are in need of a change and perhaps a new coach?

4.)Star's were born this evening! Alberto Paloschi and Marco Borriello both scored goals that brought their respective teams back into the game. Borriello, as we know, has been doing well all season but his performance showed that he can deliver during tough times and he also broke his personal best record for goals in one season, after scoring his 17th goal tonight. Milan unfortunately didn't win today, but Paloschi came on and scored the goal to bring Milan back into the game. This 18-year-old has proven that he is a great talent and it's just so good to see Milan have a youngster like him in the squad. Finally!

5.) Emerson didn't play for Milan today :)

1.) Well the obvious; Milan lost and that is all I have to say. Enough is enough now, they need to wake up and smell the roses... this is the first time in ages Milan have lost so many games in a season and if they are not careful, 5th place could be gone too....

2.) Sampdoria's win brings them one point behind Milan, and Udinese are two points adrift. Any more slip up's and 4th place is surely gone! WAKE UP MILAN!

3.) We lost Kaka once again to injury, following Carlo's stupid decision to play him even when he isn't 100% better. Jankulovski was also substituted today, though I have no clue as to whether it was injury related or not.

4.) Milan couldn't deliver Nesta a birthday present in the shape of a San Siro win.

5.) And as I finish this article Lazio have scored what is almost certain the winner of the Derby Della Capitale with a goal by Valon Behrami. Great, back to 7 points difference now!


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