The New Maldini?

Either at the end of this season or next, Milan fans all around the world will have to say goodbye to their beloved Captain Paolo Maldini. After 23 years of service to the red and black shirt Maldini will finally hang up his boots and his famous number three shirt willl be retired. Where it will hopefully be worn by his son Christian in years to come.
Now it is always hard to say goodbye to such an icon and it IS impossible to replace such a leader and true Legend for someone else but unfortunately the job must be done and someone has to take over as Captain.

The person who will wear the armband will have to be a loyal player through and through. He will have to play with passion and never give-up when times are tough. He will have to wear the shirt with pride and wear his heart on his sleeve. This person will have to represent the side on and off the field and he will have to be prepared for the worst and the best.

Who will it be?

Massimo Ambrosini- Ambro has been with the Milan family for more than a decade now and he is second in line to wear the armband for Carlo Ancelotti. Il Guerriero is one that never give up when times are tough and he has forever stood by this team no matter what. However injury prone, he still manages to inspire the rossoneri on and off the field. His determination to succeed and see Milan concur all is one that has won the hearts of many Milanisti.

Gennaro Gattuso- what more can anyone say about him that isn't already seen on the field. Just like Ambrosini, Gattuso has passion, determination and above all a love for the rossoneri shirt. His endless determination to win every ball has won over many fans and his ability to spur the team and the fans has seen many success stories when times where tough. Never one to sit on the sidelines, he always has to be in the thick of things even when injured. Someone who will risk his own health for the team is a true leader... though a bit crazy too, but no one does it quite like Gattuso.

Ricardo Kaka- The Player of the Year has lead Milan to many heights over the years; seeing the Diavoli winning endless titles. Claiming that he wants to be the symbol of Milan, the 25-year-old is ready to take charge of the team and he is ready to prove himself even more worthy to wear the shirt and take over the famous number 3 shirt. A clear fans favourite many will be calling for this young brazilian to come in and make some changes.
Alessandro Nesta- The World Cup winner has already been a Captain of a team and many are aware of what exactly this quiet Laziale is capable of when given the armband. He lead Lazio to new hieghts and he can surely do the same with Milan.
Especially quite on the field, Nesta does exactly what he is required to do and more when on the field. Directing the team from the back and conducting the whole backline so they are on-song, Milan can certainly do with another defender as a Captain.

Who do you think should be Milan's next captain? Lets us know who and why you would like to see your respective player take over from Maldini.

Remember it doesn't have to be the above mentioned players!


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