Just plain angry

I just want to vent off a bit of steam because I am angry, disappointed and plain old pissed off. I never wrote about last night's game because I was too angry too, and I thought it would be best to sleep on it, however now that I have I still find I am in the same condition as I was last night!

Now I am not going to write a full article now as time is short and I can stil feel the smoke coming out of my ears but hopefully after a long day out maybe I will be a bit happier to write something!

If you guys are angry, fee free to rant it all off on here... I don't blame you one bit


Multifuncional said…
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ginkers said…
Just to give you a bit of good news it appears Maldini might carry on for another season.

Check this out...

Milanista said…
Thanks Ginkers for the link, I would be exeptionally happy if Maldini plays for another season. But the goodbye will be even more harder, the guy is jusy plain and simply a Legend. I will miss him so much
patcook said…
If he's fit he should play on. I for one think he is still good enough.

Although if he manages to stay fit for another decade he'll probably still be good enough then.

One guy who should retire though, is Ronaldo. Why did we ever buy him? And why did we pay so much? horrible decision
Milanista said…
Ciao Pat! So right you are about Maldini and about Ronaldo. I was never happy with his transfer in the first place and this injury -along with all the others he has had just in the time he has been with Milan- have proved the point that he it is was a wrong move

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