Milan Finally Win!!

Finally Milan have won! They did not show the game here but I followed the commentry and I saw the goals, there were a few things that stood out to me.

1.) The way Cagliari's goal was scored, the ball not only went off one defender but it went through all four!!! Oddo perfectly missed timed his tackle, while the Empoli player crossed it only fo rit to go under Maldini's leg, past Kaladze and then Favalli for Busce' to be left totally unmarked at the far post. A team like Milan cannot afford to concede such soft goal ESPECIALLY with the defenders we have!!

2.) Milan were totally out played by Empoli- a team, need I remind you- is a potential relegation candidate. Now, I know the team is in poor condition, both physically and mentally but they can still play better than what they surely did today.

3.) Carlo continued to play Pirlo, who I believe, was once again a lost sole on the field. The guy is clearly tired. Rest him for crying out loud. He isn't going to get better by playing!!! I am still not pleased with Carlo's tactics!

4.) Milan need to play more motivated. They have been knocked out of the Coppa Italia, the Champions League an dthe Scudetto is impossible to get. We have virtually nothing to win and we are currently not sitting in 4th position. They need to WANT to get to fifth. Fiornetina lost today which has helped Milan a lot, now they need to capatilise on the help Siena have given Milan.

Anyway, Grazie to Ambro who saved Milan. He never gives up as his passion to see this club succeed is enormous!!


Kenny said…
Hello fellow Milanista! Thank god we won Empoli!
Milanista said…
ey, thanks goodness we did. we really needed to start winning again. Now for Rome next week *bight nails*

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